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Panama - the perfect place for a second home
Juergen Schlenzig
An oasis of stability along tropical beaches - that's the Republic of Panama nowadays. All year round, air temperature is between 32 (daytime) and 26°C at night, sea temperature is 26°C on average.
Vacation time - all the time. See some pictures here.

People are charming and belong to the happiest in the world. Tranquilo is the most important word. Relax.

Tired of hammocks and margaritas? Explore the history of the country back to the 16th century, visit the Panama Canal and enjoy the restauration of the old town.

Too hot at the beach? Mountain villages are not far away, where temperatures drop significantly and offering stunning views. Even within city limits there is a national park, a rainforest with lots of animals.  

Panama is the heart of the Americas.
Easy to reach from any place between Ancorage, Alaska and Ushua, Patagonia. And close to the Carbbean islands. So may places are less than 2 hours away. 

Last but not least: there are no hurricanes and earthquakes gently felt are mostly far away. Heath system is working great.

So, does this sound like a place you could like? With OCEANVIEW42 there is a way to make it reality for you, your family and friends.




Phone Panama: +507 615 22466

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