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If this sounds like paradise ...
Juergen Schlenzig
Luxury is often thought of in context with bling-bling, but true luxury is very different. 
Imagine a tropical beach, your house made of wood, splashing waves, and singing birds. If this sounds like paradise, it does because it is.
When I once visited a Panama Pacific island that should have become a high-end destination,  the few brick mansions looked run-down and out of place.
This inspired me to start LUCKXUS, composed of luck and luxury, my business to promote wooden houses for tropical beaches.    

It began with a Bali vendor when potential buyers thought houses made of tropical hardwood from Asia must be cheap. Wrong. 
Then a massive island project came up, whose vendor shared our philosophy. It was so big that our Bali vendor quit, and we had to look out for somebody else. 
Not quite somebody because the requirements in quality and quantity were, and still are, mind-blowing. 

So we found BorneoBenar ... (to be continued)




Phone Panama: +507 615 22466

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