Real estate investments are complicated at home already, so why go through this in an exotic country like Panama? Simple answer: because it is easy and safe. Do you know that most of the world's vessels are registered in Panama, more than in Chin... more...

An oasis of stability along tropical beaches - that's the Republic of Panama nowadays. All year round, air temperature is between 32 (daytime) and 26°C at night, sea temperature is 26°C on average. Vacation time - all the time. See some pictures he... more...

For weeks now this volcano is rumbling, 35 km away from the Bali PrefabWorld site away. Watch the livestream here .  more...

Interested in owning and enjoying your own Bali house but wondering how this may be possible? Here's a document describing how it works.     more...

Few days ago, category 5 hurricane Irma crossed the Caribbean islands and Florida Gulf coast. Many lifes were lost, buildings damaged. While our thoughts are with the victims, we gladly announce that Bali Prefab World  designed building on St. Maa... more...



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