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In a perfect world, everybody would live in a Bali house. We cannot fulfill this for everybody. However, if you are living in Latin America, in one of the US Gulf coast states or on the Northern Caribbean islands, then we can offer a full service to make your dream come true.

Original Bali houses, pre-fabricated and shipped worldwide, are gaining more and more attraction. Such a combination of natural material, luxurious lifestyle and resilience against natures fury makes them the perfect choice.
BaliAmerica* is our project to bring such houses, pre-fabricated on the island of Bali, into the regions mentioned above. 

We are dedicated to make it a smooth experience to order, assemble and outfit such houses, in order to provide the unique Bali lifestyle whereever you are living.

Whether it is about your own home, a smaller or bigger resort, whether you choose from a number of standard models or want to build your own ideas, it can be done. 

Original Bali houses are made of hardwood, sustainably harvested under supervision of the Indonesian government, artfully designed using century-old experience and withstanding the hazards of nature, like earthquakes, hurricanes and termites. They are natural, comfortable and safe.

If you like to consider a Bali house for your beach, island or countryside property, we'll be happy to assist. 
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