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Small Resort Projects for your beach property
Juergen Schlenzig
The stunning appearance of the large resorts built by BORNEOBENAR makes beach property owners long for something similar, but on a smaller scale.
Is it doable? 

Complexity is often what holds people back from realizing their dreams. And even building a small resort or family estate of 4 or more homes is a complex undertaking. 
If you've dreamed the vision, your architect has created conceptual drawings, building codes are no obstacle, and financing is feasible, you've laid the groundwork.  
Now we step in.


BORNOBENAR will take the concept and turn it into a design that can be built. You and your architects modify, refine and finally sign off. 
We, LUCKXUS RESORTS, will then work with your construction company and suppliers to provide foundations and utilities. The houses will arrive by container, ready for preparation and assembly. We manage the logistics, our specialists then instruct and supervise the contractors to ensure that the villas are ready for occupancy, in top quality and on time.
In this way, some of the complexity has taken off your shoulders, streamlined the process and brought you closer to your goal.
You have turned beach property into an amazing boutique resort or family estate, combining nature and comfort.

You're the hero!




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