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Season has begun

As it gets colder up in the North, more and more "snowbirds" are flying in. Many friends, we already know for years, are showing up now. They escape to Panama's tropical beaches every year between November and April. Glad to have them back here and time to celebrate.

And as Panama has season all year round, there are many arriving during the year for a short break or some weeks. Those are the ones who can do their work from here via Internet. Lucky people, and an increasing number of them. Broadband connection is available everywhere here, supporting the digital lifestyle.

So owning a fraction of an oceanview condo really makes sense for a lot of people.  

It's the perfect place for expats with Internet business, who can run it from here and serve customers outside Panama. Foreign income is not being taxed. 
Sitting in the sun, earning tax-free income. Could be worse, right? But make no mistake: this is not a recommendation for my U.S. friends.





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