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The idea behind OceanView42

When we speak with people having spent their one or 2 weeks of vacation here at Panama's Pacific coast, if they would like to come back the answer is almost exclusively YES. And for sure, those spending time in an all-inclusive place would like to own a condo here, if they could afford it.

Not just afford to buy one, but to invest such an amount of money into a place they will use for some weeks per year only.
This is where fractional ownership became the first pillar of OCEANVIEW42. Really affordable, starting at $50,000.
But there's more. 

Interest rates are down, virtually everywhere. So savings are eaten up by inflation. That's why everybody is looking for safe and profitable investments. This is the second pillar of OCEANVIEW42. Put your money into real stuff, something to touch and with growth potential. Oceanview property, where there is summer all year long. 
Condos along Panama City's oceanfront boulevard have gained in value by 12% since March 2013. Here.  
Won't be very different along the beaches.

When selecting blue chips, investment experts will prefer those paying dividends. Not being a blue chip company, we have added dividends as our third pillar nevertheless. Investing into oceanview real estate comes with 8 weeks to stay in your own property, saving ever increasing hotel rates. Calculate the dividend yourself.  
And here are the soft facts about it:
- you're not dealing with project developers, landlords, banks, registers in a foreign country. All done.
- your property is maintained and your stay is made perfect by an experienced concierge service firm. Here 
So, how do you like this? 
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