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Juergen Schlenzig
Maybe you have never been crazy about a beach condo and tropical lifestyle. But you are angry about the return of your investment. 
This is when OCEANVIEW42 comes in, a new approach to investing & enjoying.

The investment amount of your choice (between 50,000 and 100,000 USD) buys you stock of an asset corporation. Their asset is a new or like-new oceanview condo, at Panama's Pacific beaches.
Perfect locations.
No doubt, such investment tends to gain in value over time. 

But there is more:
Easy handling.
Investing into a corporation is easy, compared with buying foreign real estate by yourself. No builders, no brokers, no banks anymore. No hassle.
And selling ownership in such a company instead real estate is easier again. 

Outstanding dividends.
As one of six fractional owners, you are entitled to use this property for 8 weeks each year. A concierge service will take care of everything and an Online booking tool is available. 

Heard about such opportunity before?
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Phone Panama: +507 615 22466

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Callback Service


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