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Juergen Schlenzig
To become your own investment manager and own a fraction of an luxury oceanview condo at Panama's Pacific just became more affordable.

Many people have told us they would love to but cannot spend 8 weeks per year in paradise.
So we have been reconsidering and now our asset corporations issue 12 instead of 6 shares.
Each one gives 4 weeks as annual dividend.
Minimum investment now US$25,000 which buys 1/12 of ownership in a perfect 2bed/2bath condo, you'll enjoy. (approx. 130 m²)

For the higher end, a 3bed/3bath condo in a brandnew building starts at US$60,000. (approx. 200 m²)

It has never been easier to successfully manage your investment yourself. If it really is all about location, then there is no better place.
And there is no better time than today.



Phone Panama: +507 615 22466

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