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Real estate investment in Panama - is it a good idea?

Real estate investments are complicated at home already, so why go through this in an exotic country like Panama?
Simple answer: because it is easy and safe.

Do you know that most of the world's vessels are registered in Panama, more than in China and the U.S. combined? So they must be good in keeping track on property records, right? And since Panama Papers we know that there are a lot of offshore companies registered. For whatever purposes, there must be an industry dealing with it in a professional way. 

You should know that probably most offshore companies are so-called asset companies, holding ownership in vessels, yachts, planes and real estate. Not so much to hide beneficiaries but to simplify transactions. Selling shares of a corporation is a much easier way of wealth transfer than selling a piece of land, a building or a share in an oceanview condo. 

Here we go:
In our OCEANVIEW42 project buyers are investing into such an asset corporation, which acquires or already owns one oceanview condo. Shareholders become property owners without the hassle of dealing with builders, promotors, bankers and lawyers. It's kind of a turnkey experience, no strings attached, no risk involved. 
Using your own luxury condo at a tropical beach, 8 weeks each year, then possibly selling those shares one day with some profit. Or acquire more to stay forever. 

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