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Life is good

For a while now, Panama is almost back to normal. Businesses are doing business, malls and stores serve buyers and restaurants are preparing delicious meals. The country again becomes a destination for many, to avoid the crazyness somewhere else. And one is thinking more about a bright future again, less worrying about viruses anymore. 

Had my first boat trip to Las Perlas Archipelago after more than a year, enjoying the endlessness of the ocean, the beauty of the islands and the attraction of the beaches.

Before Corona, Las Perlas already had a future as upcoming hotspot - a tropical island paradise. After Corona, there is another aspect to consider: becoming a safe heaven, when the world turns crazy again. Sunshine, water, seafood and fruits - what else does one need to happily survive for weeks and months. 

Looking at the Pacific from above, there are not so many tropical archipelagos being the perfect hideaway in times of a crisis. Easy to reach from North and South America. No risk of natural desaster. Far enough from civilization to live undisturbed, but close enough to enjoy metro life occasionally. 

Maybe Las Perlas will become kind of a Galt's Gulch, as described by Ayn Rand in "Atlas shrugged".   






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