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#1   Relax in the shade #2   Walk the beach #3   Swim, snorkel, dive #4   Row, paddle, sail #5   Enjoy the fresh fish #6   Try a few words in Spanish, begin with tranquilo #7   Visit the capital and the Panama Canal #8   Visit one of the old... more...

Last winter was a nightmare in the U.S. North East and Canada. Although the Niagara Falls were looking beautiful, overfrozen as they were. The Great Lakes have been covered by ice as not so often before. The bad news is, the lakes' temperatures, ... more...

Our concept is fine-tuned, first condos are available and within a few days we'll start promoting OceanView42. As more and more tourists choose Panama's Pacific coast as their dream destination, many will want to have a vacation base here, to spe... more...



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