Why Panamá

There is more than the Panama Canal and the Panama hat in Latin America's second richest economy.

See for yourself:

For good reasons Donald Trump has built his first Trump Ocean Club in Panama City, Panama, now a JW Marriott..
It is the highest building in Latin America, but not standing out much of the skyline here.
Panama wants to copy the success of Singapore and while there is still a lot to do, so much has already been achieved:

Panama is the air traffic hub of the Americas. 69 destinations in 30 countries.
4% of world trade pass through the Panama Canal, connecting two oceans.
Panama City is becoming the shopping center of Latin America. 
The city is booming, has more high-rise buildings than Miami Beach or Seattle,
a business and entertainment center.  
Panama is covered almost 50% by tropical rainforest.
It has more than 2,000 islands and a coastline of  2,490 km.
There is even a natural park within city limits.
The highest mountain is Volcan Baru at 3,475 m. 

While Bocas del Toro archipelago in the Caribbean, near Costa Rica, is more of a backpacker destination, picturesque San Blas chain of Caribbean islands between El Porvenir and the border to Colombia can be explored by yachts only.
Las Perlas Archipelago is the ideal location for a luxury lifestyle.     





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