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Only 30 minutes flight away from your future vacation home is the Las Perlas Archipelago. Yesterday I have overflown the area again, which is never boring. Take a look from 4,500 feet:     more...

I have to admit, my short whale video from an Azuero trip was nice but not very impressive. So you don't want to miss this one , from Panama's Las Perlas Archipelago. Breathtaking. more...

Every year, between July and October, there is whale watching season in Panama's Pacific. Around the Las Perlas Archipelago, around the Azuero Peninsula and elsewhere you can watch the mighty humpback whales, mothers and babies enjoying the warm wat... more...

Once you have a place in Panama and enjoy your fractional home ownership for 8 weeks each year, you may want to go around and explore the country. There is a lot to find and enjoy. Only 50 miles out of your home is the Las Perlas Archipelago, with ... more...



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